• Question: Are you working on anything new for trains? ?

    Asked by Jorjaa_14 to Natalie on 19 Jun 2016.
    • Photo: Natalie Wride

      Natalie Wride answered on 19 Jun 2016:

      Hi Jorjaa_14 🙂

      Not exactly, I’m examining the ground the train drives over to make sure that our trains run safely over the ground and that the tracks don’t need lots of repairs . Repairs lead to delays on the trainlines because they might have to be shut whilst people repair the tracks and if they can’t repair them for a while then they might have to slow the trains down when they travel along the line so it’s really important we understand the ground! Most of these problems are due to the ground squishing beneath the tracks as the train drives over it (a bit like when you put something on top of playdough and it sinks a bit).

      In some ways I’m creating something new though, I’m making a computer model that can show people how the ground behaves. This means people can say what they know about the ground and the trains on top and the computer will tell you how much the ground will squash under the weight of the train 🙂