Thank you from your winner – Mark!

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We asked Mark to tell us about winning I’m an Engineer, and here is what he said… 

The first thing I have to say is a big Thank You to everyone involved. It was a really enjoyable two weeks.

The group of Engineers I was involved with within the Environment Zone were Ashwanth, Jeni, Natalie, Stephen and I must say Thank You to them personally and that everyone deserved to win and I’m sure one day our paths will cross again in the big wide world of engineering. It was a pleasure to represent the engineering profession alongside you all.

The biggest thanks need to go to the students and their teachers for getting so involved with the Ask questions and especially the live chats. I loved the way the chats developed throughout the 30 minutes duration.

The chats typically started off with a series of prepared and general questions coupled with a little bit of nervousness from the students and engineers alike. But once the first barrage of questions had been answered and the replies read, the blue touch paper was lit and the students were taking the full potential to ask questions that they wanted answers to.

You could feel the energy and enthusiasm with question after question as the students found their confidence and their inquisitive Inner Engineer was awoken. Questions of Who, What, When, Where, Why and How were fired to all of the Engineers, probing and questioning, the inner workings of being an Engineer.

The team of Engineers all typing at full speed, thinking at the back of their minds ‘I wish I had learnt to touch type’, responded as quickly and answered as many questions as possible. It always seemed as if the live chat had just started when the Moderators spoiled the fun when they typed “Only 5 minutes left”.

A big thanks needs to go to the “I’m an Engineer” team and Moderators for developing and running such a stunning outreach project. The format is fantastic as it uses an online communication method we are all familiar with and allows for multiple questions and answers to run simultaneously. The students are not afraid of asking questions as the scary engineers are not sat in the same room. Can I sign up again??

As regards to the prize money, I am going to use it to develop a website which will aim to encourage interest in civil engineering and give the user a flavour of the real life engineering problems we encounter as engineers on a daily basis and what solutions we have developed. It will also set out some engineering problems for teachers to use in their lessons. Hopefully “I’m an Engineer” will post a link to it once it is up and running.

To an Engineer, a problem is just a thing you haven’t found the solution for…. yet!

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